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Our People


Grid Line considers all its people including its Sub-Contractors to be valuable assets and by implication, its competitive advantage. Grid Line's philosophy is to maintain this competitive advantage by developing talent through coaching, team effectiveness and strategies that bring out the best in its people, their self confidence, creativity and leadership.


Grid Line is managed by a team of people with professional expertise, experience, passion and attention to detail that ensures the success of its projects. The team is headed by Grant Kneale who was a co-founder of the company over 20 years ago and all current team members have been together for at least 5 years. Collectively the team has Building Science, Civil Engineering, Quantity Surveying and numerous Trade Qualifications.


Skills Development


Grid Line has a policy of identifying and developing staff from within the company rather than hiring externally. Grid Line is firmly committed to the principles behind BEE and has submitted all legislated plans and reports as required by the Department of Labour. Grid Line is an active member of the MBA, participating in all Construction SETA required submissions. It does this regularly and timeously. Skills development plays a significant role in these plans and all employee skills have been analysed with a view to maximizing their potential over the next 3 years. Of particular relevance is an in-house coaching programme recently launched for identified employees. Staff turnover is extremely low with most staff having been employed by Grid Line for between 5 and 10 years.


Occupational Health and Safety and Environment


Grid Line views the environment we live and work in to be a precious and valuable asset - an asset that is under threat. As a part of a comprehensive Loss Control Programme, policies and procedures have been drafted to ensure that there is no untoward harm or damage caused to the environment. Adherence to these policies and procedures is taken very seriously.


Safety plans and procedures have also been implemented to safeguard against all possible accidents and injuries on site. Grid Line employs a team of "in house" Safety Officers who are assisted by expert consultants to ensure the highest standards of safety are maintained. The achievement of 10 FEM awards is a tribute to Grid Line's success in this area.


Corporate Social Investment


Grid Line believes strongly in the value of 'giving back' and is committed to supporting both its employees and business partners. Staff initiatives include contributing towards employee family education costs, athletic club fees, building material donations and loans for both car and home purchases (at no interest).


Grid Line plans to launch an organic vegetable gardening initiative at its office premises later this year so as to encourage and educate staff about the importance of environmental care and participation. Indigenous trees have recently been planted at the premises as part of this environmental awareness.


Enterprise Development also features highly as an area of focus within Grid Line. Many of Grid Line's independent Sub Contractors are small black entrepreneurs who are being assisted in registering their own business, given one-on-one training on financial management and all business related legislative compliance. Furthermore Grid Line runs an online bi-weekly payroll programme on their behalf so as to ensure commitment to staff at all levels within the organisation whether it be direct or indirect.


BBBEE Accreditation


Grid Line is committed to the values that underlie an open and democratic society based on human dignity, equality and freedom. It endorses the principle of equal opportunity, which requires that all individuals should be treated fairly, equally and with dignity in the workplace, in recruitment processes, in training, promotion and advancement, regardless of race, gender or disability status. Grid Line complies with the provisions of the Employment Equity Act and strives to achieve a workforce representative of South African society.


A great deal of attention has been paid to Grid Line's BBBEE accreditation. It is anticipated that the certificate which is currently under review (June 2011) will achieve a status of a level 4 for a QSE. It is however anticipated that Grid Line will move into a Generic category this year and focus is being given to ensure that this level 4 achievement is sustained if not improved.


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